The compact emergency and rescue refuges are designed to be easily relocatable and create fallback areas as close as possible to your underground workings.

The COMPACT rescue shelter is designed on the basis of the following features

  • Reduced dimensions
  • Capacity from 4 to 8 people
  • Autonomy up to 36H and more
  • Simplified refuge control and management system
  • Skid frame with forklift, facilitating the movement of the hut in underground spaces

Choice of equipment levels


This shelter design integrates equipment adapted to difficult environments. This refuge is designed to evolve in safety in places where potentially explosive atmospheres are formed. This refuge can integrate some of our TECHNOLOGIES while being adapted to its environment.


This design of the refuge is a totally non-electric version of the EXPLOSIF PROOF since it integrates non-electric equipment, in order to evolve safely in places where explosive atmospheres (ExDi zone) are formed, such as coal mines. This refuge integrates our COOL’SOFT technology which cools the indoor air without using an electrical source.


This design of the refuge integrates SUB’SOR technology consisting of a set of sensors and measuring equipment, as well as our SAFE’TECH technology, which automatically regulates the pressure of the interior air. Finally, our SCRUB’TECH technology ensures high performance air purification and treatment in an autonomous way.



This refuge design is an over-equipped version of the AUTOMATIC. With the PILOT-ASSIST technology and its digital touch screen display, this refuge is at the cutting edge of technology. It allows automated operation and real-time and predictive monitoring of its indoor and outdoor environment.

Specification compact rescue chambers
ModelPeopleHeight (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)Compact Module