French manufacturer specialising in the design and construction of emergency shelters and ventilation systems, we support professionals in underground spaces to ensure the safety of their operators.

Safety in underground works

Underground works represent multiple dangers, which is why the safety of the operators is a must.

Generally speaking, individual and collective protective equipment has played a fundamental role in improving working conditions underground, thanks to technical progress and the efforts made by the various players in this field.

SUB’ROCA uses its know-how to support the underground work trades and contribute to risk control.

A few words about the company…

SUB’ROCA is a start-up born from the meeting of experts and professionals from the underground world. It brings together experts from :

– Mines, underground quarries and explosive environments
– The design and manufacture of digging machines
– Public Works and Civil Engineering
– Tunnellers
– Securing underground spaces

Flexible and reactive, our teams are deployed in France and abroad to advise you and ensure the completion of your underground projects.

Our production unit is located in Metz, in the Grand-Est region of France, which in the past has been marked by strong mining activity. 

We have taken advantage of this special history to develop over the years emergency shelters and innovative ventilation systems to ensure the safety of people living in underground and confined spaces.

Our values



We surpass ourselves every day to give the best of ourselves.



We maintain relationships of trust, based on listening and proximity.



Our aim is to make security accessible to everyone.


Phone numbers

01 88 33 96 64



155 Rue du Faubourg  Saint Denis

75010 PARIS 10