Our mastery of the underground world, in particular of underground mines and quarries known for their high level of requirements, enables us to accompany you through the different phases of your infrastructure projects.

We intervene from the preliminary design stage to determine the ventilation budget, as well as the means of evacuating and withdrawing personnel, right up to the execution, manufacturing and installation of the systems on your site.

Underground work and safety

While the majority of digging operations or work in confined spaces are equipped with access stairs to the work areas, it is impossible to be certain about the accessibility of these stairs as emergency exits in the event of a disaster.

Regulations require the project manager to do everything possible to enable operators to escape a risk and safely evacuate the disaster area.

Precisely because the work is being carried out and there is no certainty about the accessibility of natural emergency exits, it is therefore imperative to provide a safe place as close as possible to the work areas.

Thanks to their mobility, modularity and small size, these safety areas, known as rescue chambers, can be set up and moved according to your phase, with a small footprint.

SUB’ROCA offers a complete range of refuges adapted to the technical and economic constraints of underground works. These refuges increase the chances of staff survival.

With its state-of-the-art technology, the refuge chamber maintains optimal air quality and a pressurized atmosphere over a period of a few hours to a few days (up to 36 hours and more).

SUB’ROCA designs ventilation systems to evacuate gases and dust, guarantee health, safety and increase the productivity of your work.

Our ventilation systems can be natively connected to the site’s safety supervisions, or transferred in 4G to a dematerialized supervision. This intelligent ventilation includes control equipment allowing predictive maintenance.

Our teams will ensure that your equipment is able to adapt to the phasing of your site.