Our Prevention & Awareness training

These trainings serve to make operators aware of the risks associated with underground work.

construction works

Awareness of risks in construction, renovation, rehabilitation of buildings, including confined or semi-enclosed spaces

temporary ventilation

Awareness of good practices in the use of temporary site ventilation

refuge chambers

Training to determine the location of emergency shelters on construction sites.

Our technical trainings


Ventilation performance measurement training

mesh networks

Training in sizing and modeling of ventilation systems in mesh networks

construction site ventilation

Training of dimensioning of the ventilations of building sites


Training for the installation of ventilation systems


Training in the analysis and selection of ventilation equipment

refuge chambers

Training in the use of our emergency shelters


Some of these courses are carried out in partnership with the Pôle de Compétences en Environnement Souterrain (PoCES) of the École des Mines de Nancy.

Who are these trainings for?


Project owner

To enable them to write specifications or analyze technical responses from prime contractors.

project manager

Project manager

In order to internalize certain competences and to have an autonomy during all the building site.

construction worker

Operators & Technicians

To increase skills and identify risk situations in order to act in compliance.


SUB’ROCA offers to make you and your staff aware of all the ventilation and ventilation issues on your site. It aims to expose the principles related to ventilation and help you better understand the safety and economic issues of ventilating underground spaces.


Our experts also carry out personalized training according to the typology of your site. This service allows the operator to control the parameters related to the ventilation of his site at the present time but also on future phases of operation.


It is a real anticipation and decision-making tool. In addition, training in ventilation equipment is also offered to better understand how it works and the rules of good practice in this area.

Remote training video

We have set up a video module to allow you to follow our training remotely.


Export Service 


Our mobile teams move on site across all continents.


International carrier network.


Remote analysis capacity since we are a digital company.

International documents

Documentation required.

After Sales-Service


Responsive team and single point of contact.


We have an international network of partners and engine manufacturers, which allows us to intervene quickly on all of our equipment installed worldwide.