SUB’ROCA supports you and sizes all your tailor-made projects

SUB’ROCA offers you global expertise in modern and innovative security and ventilation solutions for underground mining, tunnel and public works installations. Our emergency and rescue shelters and ventilation systems are designed and developed with unique know-how. Your satisfaction is our priority.

SUB’ROCA has a research department that researches and develops ever more innovative means, at the cutting edge of technology to ensure safer security. SUB’ROCA has reactive teams that can intervene quickly and ensure commissioning and maintenance on your custom design projects.

SUB’ROCA emergency shelters and ventilation systems comply with strict international regulations and ensure the highest quality control.

Ventil octo

Self-regulated ventilation


Energy savings of 20 to 35%.


Integrated management control systems.


Devices for real-time measurement of air flow and mapping of gases and pressures.

Studies & Development Service

Aeraulic modeling of mesh networks, a unique skill thanks to our AERO © software

Underground mines

Take advantage of our engineering services and make your request to obtain your ventilation technical file.

Civil works & tunnels

Analysis and dimensioning of needs and equipment adapted to the phasing of your projects.

Refuge HK vue de face sans fond réaliste

Export Service 


Our mobile teams move on site across all continents.


International carrier network.


Remote analysis capacity since we are a digital company.

International documents

Documentation required.

Quality Requirements 


12 to 36 months warranty on our equipment.


Traceability and manufacturer’s plate.


Systematic tests and tests on our equipment.

PLUG & PLAY Technology

Ready to use products for more reactivity and simplicity.


After Sales-Service


Responsive team and single point of contact.


Technical assistance and remote commissioning by video. You also have distance video training.


We have an international network of partners and engine manufacturers, which allows us to intervene quickly on all of our equipment installed worldwide.



SUB’ROCA offers to make you and your staff aware of all the ventilation and ventilation issues on your site. It aims to expose the principles related to ventilation and help you better understand the safety and economic issues of ventilating underground spaces.


Our experts also carry out personalized training according to the typology of your site. This service allows the operator to control the parameters related to the ventilation of his site at the present time but also on future phases of operation.


It is a real anticipation and decision-making tool. In addition, training in ventilation equipment is also offered to better understand how it works and the rules of good practice in this area.

Remote training video

We have set up a video module to allow you to follow our training remotely.