Microtunneling and underground networks

(Electricity networks, hydraulic networks or sewers)


Our mastery of the underground world, in particular of underground mines and quarries renowned for their high standards, enables us to assist you on the various microtunneling and underground network projects. 
We intervene at the preliminary design stage to determine the ventilation budget, right through to the execution, manufacturing and installation phases of the ventilation systems on your site.

Safety equipment for micro tunneling and underground networks

SUB’ROCA has designed a compact range of high-performance fans in diameters from 250mm to 800mm to ventilate microtunneling excavations and underground networks such as electrical networks, hydraulic networks or sewers.

We also intervene in the full execution of your works, we propose a ventilation concept, as well as the material to be implemented to make your personnel evolve in accordance with the regulations in force (CATEC)

Finally, we can map your usual intervention networks in order to define « intervention reflexes ». This will enable you to guarantee the health of your operators, the safety of your work and the reactivity of your interventions.

Our teams will ensure that your equipment is able to adapt to your site.