SUB’ROCA offers a turnkey solution for the safety of your underground works. Our multi-gas monitoring box are designed to be simple and intuitive to use. They integrate a state-of-the-art technology that allows to measure in real time the evolution of the atmosphere. 

The Sensor’Box fixed beacon monitors the air quality of your underground work environment at all times and in all places.

The equipment measures many pollutants and parameters at the same time :

– Gases (oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ethanol, nitric oxide, hydrogen, etc.).

– Dust PM 10 and 2.5

– Humidity, temperature, atmospheric pressure, sound levels, air speed.

No subscription, no constraints: follow in real time the data displayed on the touch screen of Sensor’Box or on any remote screen.

With increased protection thanks to its transparent bonnet.


Measure the air quality of your working environment with its infrared or laser sensors equipped with electrochemical technology.


The parameters are displayed on the touch screen in real time and can be remote on a supervision or any type of support such as PC or smartphone.


Program alert thresholds easily. When one of the parameters reaches the threshold, a red strobe LED flash is triggered and an audible alarm can be added.


The data is recorded on a simple SD card. You can export them at any time as a table file via USB and analyze the measurement history up to several years back.

The operation of Sensox’Box is versatile : it carries out measurements alone or coupled with other Sensox’Box or compatible equipment on your site.

Robust and very easy to use (plug it in, it works), Sensor’Box is suitable for all types of worksites such as tunnel work, underground mines or other construction sites.

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Main features

main feature sensorbox

Measured parameters

measures parametre

Exploitable data

The data is instantly exploitable and translated into different forms (tables, graphs, diagrams) which facilitates the search for any deviation or specific information. The data are stored on the SD card of the device. They can be downloaded via USB key to be plugged on the tag or simply on PC or smartphone if the tag is connected to your internet network.



Real-time alert sending





The SENSOR’BOX allows you to connect all your SENSOR’BOX or other measuring devices on request, to our web platform to manage the data in real time remotely in remote monitoring and remote maintenance.

The data can be managed from the platform and the equipment can be controlled from the platform :

✓ Real-time data visualization through a dashboard and graph(s).
✓ Control of equipment status in their environment.
✓ History and download of data live or via API link.
✓ Export of historical database to USB media.
✓ Alerts and alarms (loss of communication, thresholds exceeded, malfunction).
✓ Weekly operation reports.

The particularity of the SENSOR’BOX and its adaptability

It can be installed in various environments to measure air quality, such as :



Industrial hall or factory


Your office


As a global player, SUB’ROCA designs a range of innovative equipment. Associated with our SHELT’AIR emergency shelters, as well as our fans, our equipment offers you a high level of safety, both in confined environments and underground spaces.